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Invisible mode on spark

Gsotaria de saber se há alguma versão do spark que permita eu desativar a opção de se conectar invisvel, ou não deixar que alterem o status para o modo invisivel.
No nosso painel OpenFire, conseguimos bloquear o acesso anônimo, mas não o invisivel.

Versão atual que utilizamos no client: 2.7.7


I would like to know if there is any version of spark that allows me to disable the option to connect invisible, or not let them change the status to invisible mode.
In our OpenFire dashboard, we were able to block anonymous access, but not invisible access.

Current version we use on the client: 2.7.7

I can recommend the latest version of Spark, at the moment it is Spark 2.9.4. Also use the ClientControl plugin for Openfire. With the help of the plugin you can turn off the invisible mode in Spark and other things.