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InvitationRejectionListener - invitee is always null

When invitationDeclined is called in InvitationRejectionListener, invitee is always null.

Looks like it might just be declines from smack. Here is the packet that is sent when you use MultiUserChat.decline();

<message id="TN9pR-5" to="jbother@conference.jabber.ccc.de"><x xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#user"><decline  to="synic@jabber.ccc.de"><reason>not interested</reason></decline></x></message>

Here is an example from the JEP

  <x xmlns=''http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#user''>
    <decline to=''crone1@shakespeare.lit''>
        Sorry, I''m too busy right now.

I guess just the from="" is empty.


Hey Adam,

Is it ok to not include the FROM in the message since the server already knows who is the sender of that message since the server knows who is using the connection.

Which XMPP server are you using? Could you check and post the XML that Smack is receiving when the rejection was informed?


– Gato

Hrmm, now I’‘m not receiving anything. I’‘ve only received the rejection once, so I’‘m not sure if it’'s just a server problem or not.

I think jabber.ccc.de uses jabberd 1.4, but I can’'t be sure of that.


I’'d recommend using Jive Messenger since the last time I checked mu_conference (an external component for MUC in jabberd) it had some problems like the one you are describing. Some functionality was not being implemented according the MUC JEP.


– Gato