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Invitations not arriving in OpenFire 4.2.3

Hi all,

We’re using OpenFire 4.2.3 in a Mac-only network with the built-in Messages app as the client. However, it was reported that invitations to add people to your contacts is no longer working. This might have started with upgrading from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3, since I had no complaints before, and nothing has changed otherwise.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot this? Or is there a way to downgrade for testing purposes? The installer for 4.2.2 won’t run, as it sees the newer version already being installed.



Is Openfire also installed on Mac? I’m not familiar with this OS, but on Windows to downgrade i would do uninstall first and then install the older version. This might not work as database is already upgraded, but usually it works between minor versions upgrades.

Yes, the server runs on MacOS as well. But the install package does exactly that, it installs the software only, there is no uninstall routine in it.

When I have some time, I might have a look into removing it manually.


Then just keep in mind, that if embedded database is in use, it is usually somewhere in the installation folder (embedded-db folder). On linux it could be in /opt/openfire or maybe in some user var etc.

Should have mentioned, I’m using an external PostgreSQL DB with it.

Are there instructions somewhere what files I would have to replace to downgrade? Maybe even for Linux, and I could compare installations. Actually, I think I might just install it on a different system and compare the files.


There is no such instruction that i know about. Different files can be updated in an update. You can check your current installation, modify dates of files, and most of them will have 2018.03.23 (the 4.2.3 release date). But not all of them. Some have older dates, so it means these files were not updated during the 4.2.3 upgrade. I think most changes go into /openfire/lib/openfire.jar and into database upgrade scripts, if database scheme needs to be changed. You can replace openfire.jar with older, or just whole openfire folder with older files from a backup. But you can’t downgrade the database.