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iOS and Android mobile app with stay alive and other features


I’m sure this has been answered, so sorry if I’m beating a dead horse. I searched the site and found mentions of certain features I’m looking for, but not a full answer.

Spark is great for the PC, AstraChat(iOS and Android) works great for ONLY chat and it seems to have a type of keep alive built in so that when I send a message hours later to a phone that hasn’t been used it still alerts it. However, I need those features and file transfer rolled into one app so that nothing ever leaves my server/client. Unlike AstraChat that uses their own servers to send photos between the app users through a link instead of direct p2p.

Features I need included :

Stay alive (push or alternative like VoIP so that Apple will allow it to stay alive in the background)

Simple chat/IM

File Transfer

Can anyone please help me with this, I have searched for weeks to find the Unicorn and it seems I may have to find a developer and just pay them to build a custom app for Mobile that functions properly with Spark.




Android client Conversations has a file send option. But i wasn’t able to send a file to Spark or receive a file from Spark. Not sure why. Conversations can stay live if you enable it (and if your OS is not offloading ilde apps from memory). Not using iOS, so can’t suggest anything.


That is already enabled right if am not mistaking your query!

Smith https://plex.software/