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iOS Client

Hi All,

I’ve set up an Openfire server and Spark on our desktops. Everything is working perfectly from this side.

But I’m really struggling with clients for our iPads. I’ve tried most of the iOS XMPP clients:

  • Boogie Chat
  • ChatSecure
  • IM +
  • Talkonaut
  • JabberIM
  • Monal

Out of that list… the only one which will connect to our server is “Talkonaut”. The other either ‘error’ or timeout.

Weirdly, when I try to connect using JabberIM, the client session appears in the Openfire server sessions page… but the iPad never actually connects.

The problem I have with Talkonaut is, whilst everything seems fine, no contacts appear! Messages can be sent from it once a conversation has been established however. You can also see the iPad contact fine from inside Spark on a desktop (just not the other way round).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I feel so close - but the iOS clietns are a key point of our deployment.



The current XMPP client listing is a good place to check. I have had some luck with OneTeam