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Ip addresses of users?

first, let me say that this is THE easiest jabber server to get up and running…thanks!!

on my previously running irc server, i had a webpage that listed all the users that have ever connected to the server and also shows who amongst them was online at the given moment (using php and a mysql db to store the users data)…this(a user being able to know who is online in the easiest way possible) is necessary in my environment…now, that involved comparing the ip address of the user and their nicks(the relation between which was contained in a separate text file)…

now, my question is whether is it possible to emulate this in jive messenger too? is there an easy way to get the data from the admin control panel into a separate webpage? i have tried searching through the table in the mysql db used by jive but havent seen any ip addresses logged anywhere. nor could i find any plugin to do this. if there is a way out, please do let me know. thanks!!



Have a look at the Presence Service Plugin http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp . I don’'t know if you can get the IP from it, but it will show the status of a contact. If you only need to show a list of the status of everybody on your server, you could do a database lookup of all the users, then for each of the users, use this plugin to show their status.

thanks for the response!!!

i just had a look at the names of the plugins and dint care to look into[/i] them…

this plugin still isnt working for me…what do i have to change “example.com” to? i guess it must be as the server is running on my computer…

i am logged in as njiggs(which my admin console shows) but when i put this

img src=“” border=“0” (with the < and >)

into a html file, i get the offline symbol (the gray icon)…is there anything else that i need to do?

also, isnt file sending supported in jive (or maybe jabber in general)? i click on send file button in gaim and select a file to send but the receipient does not get any file accept request like in irc…is there some option that i should be enabling somewhere?

thanks for any help!!

have been trying all sorts of combinations possible…

img src=“http://:9090$a/plugins/presence/status?jid=njiggs@$b” border=“0”


$a and $b are any of, localhost, njiggs.alphabox.com (a subdomain that i have registered to be redirected to my computer and also what i had put in as the server domain during the setup)…

also, is there any way i can check as to why the file sending is not working?

thanks again!!

what’‘s the Server name when you just loginto Admin console? It should be your computer’'s name by default. So try this:


also, is there any way i can check as to why the file

sending is not working?

Which clients are you using?

Read this:


thanks for the reply!! both of us are using gaim and i guess thats the problem maybe…

and about the server name, as i have said, the server name field in my admin console is njiggs.alphabox.com (and so is xmpp.domain in system properties tab)…but still,

img src=“http://njiggs.alphabox.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=njiggs@njiggs.alphab ox.com9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=njiggs@njiggs.alphabox.com” border=“0”

shows me up as offline…

what do you see when you just type this address in browser? not through custom html.

And do you get Admin Console login when you type this in browser: http://njiggs.alphabox.com:9090

one more question, dont know if its possible to see your JID when you send a message to some other user. Does he get a message from njiggs@njiggs.alpha box.com

Maybe domain name is inerferring with your nickname somehow…

BTW, must alpha_box has a space in it?

no the space was unintended…i guess it came about because the url was too long and got broken into 2 lines…

and ya i do get the admin console when i go to http://njiggs.alphabox.com:9090

proof ():-


and my JID as seen by the other user is njiggs.alphabox.com/Gaim …and i did try out

http://njiggs.alphabox.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=njiggs@njiggs.alphab ox.com/Gaim9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=njiggs@njiggs.alphabox.com/Gaim

that also did not work out right…shows me again as offline

i just noticed one thing…

i tried out the 3rd way of using the plugin…ie adding type=xml…and this is what i get…

does the error code have something to do with the problem?

Hey Ganesh,

So you are getting a forbidden (403) error when you are just including the jid[/i] parameter in the HTTP request. That means that you have hit a security restriction. If you don’'t specify the req_jid[/i] parameter then you will have to configure in the admin console that anyone can discover the presences of users using the presence plugin. Try changing that configuration and let us know how it goes.


– Gato

thanks for the reply…that was great!! it works right now!! shows me up as online and another guy who was away with the yellow icon…thanks a lot!!

one last thing that i had brought up in my initial post… file transfer…as i am using gaim, i understand that file transfer may not be possible… and i read somewhere that setting up a “proxy server” could be of help in this regard…i was not able to understand what that meant…if someone can tell me in a bit more detail what that means, i will be very thankful…

thanks again!!

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