Iphone chat using XMPP-Framework and open-fire server

Am developing a chat application using Xmpp framework and open fire as server. Here users of my app are registering them self in a different server. here i planned to use this open-fire server is only for chat communication.

Here i have a doubt in architecture of my chat app.

i planned to push the user into open-fire server every time when a user is registered into my server. So for this i have to write a service in my server to insert registered details into openfire. is this structure is ok ?. Here my another doubt is is it possible to insert/create a user in openfire server throe objective c iphone ?. Does openfire has any API for this. or i have to write external query for this to insert into openfire db.

if possible to insert it throe iphone app instead of using external service in the sense Can any one provide me a link for methodologies and code to use.

Thanks in Advance.

You need to make OF use your other server for authentication. If you already use LDAP or something similar, then it will already work, just needs to be configured.

Yes you can add new users via the XMPP protocol as well, so you can do it via an app on your phone as well (assuming the app supports account creation). But I would recommend the first route, as you don’t really want to have multiple systems of record for users.

thanks for your reply.