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IQ Result Missing Child Element Data

I have a component registered in openfire that I am sending an IQ message to using a java client and smack 3.0.0. The openfire component creates a new packet, adds a child element and sends the IQ packet back to the client. The client receives all the data but it removes any XML within the iq result message. I see in the spark test window the payload coming back, but the “Interpreted” value is just an empty IQ type=result packet.

Some details:

  1. Client sends IQ packet of type=“get”:


Matt Bates

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After reading the documentation … I realized i needed to write my own IQProvider. Writing and registering a provider for the XML element i want to pull out of the results fixed the issue. -Matt

How did you get this working?

I went through the smack documentation and tried both an IQProvider as well as a PacketExtensionProvider, and neither one is working.

According to the documentation, IQ packets can not contain Extensions, so disregard that part of my question.

How are you registering your IQProvider?

I tried the following in my plugin, but it is never invoked.

ProviderManager.getInstance().addIQProvider(“query”, “mynamespace”, new MyProvider());

Nevermind, I got it.