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IQHandling of IQ with custom name and namespace


Simple question:

Via a IQHandler plugin, can I manage IQ packets which are not from XMPP? I mean handling custom IQ with a child node that have a custom name and namespace (instead, for example, of “query” and "“jabber:iq:something”) that I set via IQHandlerInfo(). I’'m trying to do so but the IQ I send from gaim do not seems to reach my plugin.

Thanks in advance


Is it that jive messenger follows the rules of XMPP and that it must rejects iq which are not from it or from some other standards?

Ok, forget it: it was a human error (mine ) about gaim implementation. It’'s working now with my own customize namespace.

Hey Jacques,

Glad to hear that it’'s working now. I can now remove this thread from my TODO list.


– Gato