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IRC Transport as conference?


hopefully someone here can help me

I wanna use the IRC transport provided by your IM Module.

Thats works fine itself

But how do i integrate this into spark?

So users can see it like “conferences” ?

Is there a way ? Cause that “msg … join #channel#” isn´t very user friendly.

I´d be pleased about some links to documentation, i´ve been through the site now twice and cannot find something about this issue

greetings and thanks in advance


Howdy! The IRC functionality is actually rather limited right now as I don’‘t have MUC/Groupchat support at all yet. See GATE-74. (and vote ;D ) MUC/Groupchat is the highest voted thing right now so it’'s actually probably going to be coming pretty soon on my list.

Right now the IRC functionality is like any other chat account, it’'s focused on “one to one” communication. Some folk still find this useful (myself ;D ), others find it useless (possibly everyone else besides me). =)

Thanks for the answer

Just voted for that thingy. Would be pretty nice if that could be solved.

IRC is a muti-user conference so the mapping to jabber should be the same way

For one to one communication i dont need irc ^^

chuckle I dunno, some folk I know hang out on IRC and don’‘t use anything else and I certainly don’'t want to be in a chatroom just so I can chat with them. =) I used to hang out on IRC but in no chatrooms ‘‘back in the day’’ when it was just about the only game in town. hehehe

Either way, yeah, I realize that it’‘s almost useless to most people without that support. I’‘ll see what I can do about making it a priority. It’‘s clear it’'s a strongly desired functionality.

Crap, I’'m sorry, I pointed you at the wrong issue. GATE-12 is the actual MUC/Groupchat one. GATE-74 is for the XMPP/GTalk gateway. “If you care” I think you can revoke your vote for GATE-74.


I’‘ve also voted for MUC support. The problem is that many of our users are still on IRC mainly using channels. The reason is, that most are used to use mIRC as user interface. They don’‘t care about technology. We also have a very strong community using Psi and Spark. Both parties don’'t want to change their user interface.

My preferred option is the IM-Gateway but I cannot propose this as an option at the moment due to the missing MUC support. I probably will have to use one of the Python-based components instead.

The IM-Gateway is a great plugin with a lot of potential but MUC is very important.


Well of course =D For what it’‘s worth, it is one of the next things on my list. It’'s very highly voted now and will likely make it into the 1.* series. (whereas file transfer and buddy icons and that sort of thing are more 2.0 type things)