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Is AIM the only gateway that accepts HTML messages?

Try as I may, it seems like any html message I write (using XEP-0071) get stripped when communicating over a gateway. If I try sending html message for a client like iChat, or Yahoo Messenger, or Adium, they also get stripped.

Has anyone successfully sent HTML messages through a gateway other than AIM?

can you give an example of an html message that you are trying to send.


This is a test.

(Note, that that is what is being sent over the wire, not <b>test</b>)

Basically, an HTML IM using the elements allowed by xep-0071.

Now, I realize a large part of this is how the client itself renders the message, but if an msn messenger <–> msn messenger can display html within messages, it seems strange that a jabber --> msn messenger (or yahoo, etc) would not.

Openfire 3.5.2 does not have support for xep-0071. The fact that it works at for AIM is a mystery. I guess the credit could go to AIM or Daniel the creator of the gateway plugin.