Is anyone having a -good- experience with 1.0 Beta 6a?

All I’‘ve seen is complaints so far about 1.0 Beta 6a. It’‘s been working just dandy for me but I rarely see the same things you all do. If I don’'t start hearing some positive things about 6a I may revoke it so please let me know if you are having a positive experience with it.

I’'ve just installed 6a and it seems to be working just fine.

However, I’'m just using the MSN gateway at the moment, so cannot vouch for the others.

I fetched the new jar to my plugins directory using curl, my roster flickered for a second and things were working fine (AIM and Y! only in use). Can’'t ask for a smoother upgrade than that.

I just updated to 1.0B6a, and my ICQ transport seems to be broken now. I’‘d be more than happy to help troubleshoot if you give me some pointers. Anyways, the rest of the transports seem to work fine, including Yahoo, so that’‘s better connectivity than I’'ve had before. I can just fire up PyICQt if I decide I really need ICQ.

Thanks a lot for allowing me to uninstall the crappy Yahoo client!

Thanks for the comments you all!

As for ICQ, I’‘m even seeing this one on my end! (amazingly enough) I’'m aiming to release a 1.0 Beta 6b that fixes ICQ but I need to track down the issue first. =) GATE-152 if you are interested!