Is Clustering a free plugin?

Guys i have 11 on site servers meaning 11 IPVPN connected servers from other places. and i think it should be a good idea to used clustering so that i could install opensfire server in 11 sites. but my question is… im using the openfire standard server not the enterprice. but when i installed the clustering plugin and restarted the openfire server loaded clustering plugin but when i go to clustering tab. all the options are being disabled and i cant even click the enabled clustering option box… guys what happen to this plugin…

i hope you can advised me what to do… if this plugin is for commercial only and i have to pay?


Clustering is not a free plugin. It still requires a license to work.

so what is the meaning of the

New open source plugins with enterprise features are now available

that includes the Clustering plugin… but they also mention that its a commerical … too bad… but i still want that Clustering plugin for my 11 servers running with spark clients… but anyway if its a commercial plugin… im having a hard time to see how much is the price for that plugin…

thank you for the reply… it answered my question


are your 11 sites connected with a 1 GBit connection or a faster one? That’s what Oracle recommends when using Coherence and Openfire uses Coherence.

So single servers with s2s connections or connection managers may be a much better choice.


no they are connected in 512 ipvpn the reason why i choose clustering is that what if my server is down all clients connected to that 1 site with ipvpn will go down as well… my idea is to pu openfire server each sites once if the main server is down they can still interact… i think

thanks for the reply…