Is disco#items unsupported for PubSub? (3.7.0)

According to the XEP-0060 spec, this is an optional feature. It just happens to be one that would simplify my life quite a bit

When I submit a disco items request to a leaf node, I always get an empty query element in the response, even when that node has items (as proven by browsing the mysql database and by simply requesting all items).

The reason I ask is that the empty query element response is somewhat ambiguous, does it mean that this is unsupported? It seems to be implemented in the source.

Maybe my server or client setup is somehow broken. If this isn’t expected I can provide any code examples or config data that would be helpful.

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this behavior. I got tied up in another project and upon returning to this problem, I got expected behavior all around. I hate it when people reply saying “nevermind, fixed it” without providing their solution, but the best I can do is promise to provide an update if this issue ever returns.