Is Freedom of choice at client is possible?

I want the user of my (mobile IM) client to select to which transports it wants to login on startup

let’'s say client has registered his/her hotmail, yahoo accounts for his jabber id now i do following steps

  1. Ask user to check the transports to which it wants to signin in a screen.

  2. If user selected hotmail only i would not like to send

instead i should send

to login hotmail account only .

3) if user selected both i will send 2 presence messages


Now these are the cases where i cant send

message , tell me is there anyother way to do that.
Since using

i cant get presence messages of my hotmail contacts from server.

Note: After login using

i get jabber:iq:roster query

iq type=set to=tcm@ MyWildfire /mobile id=480-17 ==

query xmlns=jabber:iq:roster ==

item name=Change your picture MyWildfire subscription=both ==

group == MSN Contacts

Should I send back something to server so that I can get those presence messages now? If yes what should be that message.

Will really appreciate a quick response since I am stuck with this problem since last many days.

Crap, I just answered you in another thread. =) See the other thread you posted this in. That said, yes it is possible because we implemented something for Spark to use. However, upon rereading XEP-0100, I have discovered I have done something wrong that is indeed screwing your freedom of choice over. =) I will be doing something about this in the next release.