Is it careless to host chat server via pc connected to work network?

I tried installing Openfire on my work pc because I wanted a chat solution for my office (5 pcs) and I figured it was “safer” to host it locally than to try and find some secure server online. After installing to c:/openfire and initial setup I couldn’t login as admin. Figured it might have something to do with port 9090 being closed or something (not very IT savvy, apologies) so I called my business’ IT administrator to hear if he could open this port. He was furious to hear I had installed Openfire as it posed a serious threat to our entire network. Can that be true?

Your IT guy was upset that you installed something without asking. As far as risk, if its internal only, then the risk is very very low. Adobe Flash player is more of a risk than having an openfire server!

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That makes sense - thanks for your reply! :slight_smile: