Is it possible?....Port 443 with Openfire and SparkWeb/XIFF?

We want to have it so people can use Openfire/SparkWeb over port 443. We changed the port on Openfire to 443 and the sparkweb.html to use port 443. Everything worked fine using port 5222 but as soon as we switch to 443, we get the infamous “Not Authorized”.

We have read in several places that this is just not possible due to Flash Player 10 only accepting the Flash policy file from port 5222 to 5223.

Does anyone know running Openfire and SparkWeb is possible over 443 instead of 5222?

We are testing with Openfire 3.6.2.

Thank you.

About openfire,it is possible to over 443 instead of 5222,but you need root authority to run openfire.

Because you need root authority to open a port below 1024.