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Is it possible to authenticate against an alternate admin configured db/table?

Is it possible to have users authenticated against a admin configurable db/table, either as the only one or as an additional check if the user is not in the primary openfire db? How about adding the users into the alternate table?

I’m looking at a number of different packages for different purposes that will need registered users who are not part of an organisation making LPAD difficult. Each package wants its own table of users so I may need to have people register 3 to 5 times which is not a good image.


What you have in mind should be possible. But you will have to implement a custom AuthProvider. Stefan Reuter in this forum already did this for phpBB3 and I adopted most of his work for one of my own projects and it works fine. The AuthProvider isn’t a complex interface so it shouldn’t be too much work.

Thanks for that. I thought it would be something like that. Geuss I’ll have to start poking around under the hood and check the dev stuff a bit.