Is it possible to build smack completely withouth the Debugger?

I’‘m trying to build an app to native with gcj, but the use of Swing is rather a show stopper as GCJ doesn’'t have much in the way of Swing support.

My option seems to be importing a copy of the Smack code and manually excising all the if (DEBUG_ENABLED) { … } blocks, which sounds really exciting.

[I only tried it on GCJ 3.4; I didn’‘t have a copy of GCJ 4.0 handy. If someone can tell me that they’‘ve built a .so out of smack[x].jar, I’'d be thrilled to hear about it]

Obviously the debugger is cool and will continue to be of benefit when coding in in a proprietary VM under Eclipse - but we deploy via gcj built native executables, so unforunately if I want to use Smack I need to be able to build a copy of it that doesn’'t reference the debugger (and hence Swing).