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Is it possible to change the text behind the slash?

Hi everyone,

What do I mean? When I login using Smack I see something like username@server/Smack I’'d like to know if it is possible to change the behind the slash. After reading the protocol I thought it should be used to identify your location. For example for people using a lot of computers. /Kitchen or /Bedroom. Something like that.

So my question: Is it possible to change this text when using Smack? And I don’‘t want to recompile the source, because when that’‘s required it wasn’'t meant to be changed I think :).


Mark Monster


You can use XMPPConnection>>login(String username, String password, String resource) to set the resource (string) that you want to appear. By default, the login process uses “Smack” but you can pass any string you want.


– Gato

Thanks dombiak_gaston.