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Is it possible to create a XMPP chat client on a mobile AIR device?


i’ve been playing around and trying to see if its possible to create an AIR appliaction on a mobile device that uses xmpp and the xiff library to connect to an xmpp library. I’ve managed to get it up and going on a desktop AIR program but cannot get it working on a mobile device, physical or simulator.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yes. We made a client app that uses XMPP with XIFF in a Flash thing (stage3d actually with away3d, for realxtend.org) for desktop & laptops, but have now been running the same thing on iOS as an AIR app as well, and xmpp and everything works. Both in simulator and in devices (we’ve so far tested iPhone and iPad, I guess will Android next).

Any chance you would be willing to share your code?