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Is it possible to create Multi-User Chat service using Smack


I have found that we are able to get all available Multi-User Chat services using method:

MultiUserChat#getServiceNames(XMPPConnection connection)

But I cannot find method to create new Service.

Does somebody know is it possible at all from Smack?

Thanks in advance

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Yes it is. You need to re-join the group everytime you logout and login though

I think you do not understand my question. I did not ask how to create Multi-User chat. I have asked is possible to create new service (subdomain) where MUC will be hosted. For example: chatId@.pcname, where which is present by default in Openfire is ‘conference’

I’m also looking for this method. but did not find anything yet.

Yo, guys. Please reply, it is possible or not.
If you do not understand what I mean. I’ll explain in the pictures))

MUC service creation such as “conference.server.im” is a server side thing IIRC, client software can only create or join MUCs on already created services on the server. The XEP doesn’t mention how /where those are created though (-;

alas, but I also did not find an answer in the protocol itself ((