Is it Possible to do Live Chat?


I was wondering is there any way to use openfire server like JivoChat Live Chat?

Reference website:

Live Chat software for websites online customers support — JivoChat

I know there is this fastpath but how can i make pop ups like JivoChat?

is there anyway to use this server for the web?

Is it possible? Yes. Is there a ready solution? Most probably not. Or not for free. JivoChat may be even using Openfire as their backend messaging server. But they have also created a custom web solution (and desktop and mobile clients) on top of that. This is a lot of work and therefore costs. Fastpath looks like very bad option compared to commercial ones. It is old, has lots of bugs and unsupported. Maybe there are some custom solutions based on Openfire that i haven’t heard about, but i doubt they will be for free.

yes ur right… i hope someone will see it, and give us that secret hehehe