Is it possible to have hierarchy?

Hi All,

Is it possible to create a hierarchy in the list of available users in the client side?

Normally, we can set in the openfire that GROUP-A is visible to ALL USERS or to GROUP-B & GROUP-C etc.

After that in the client, we see that members of GROUP-A is listed under the group name set in the openfire.

We want to have something like.

  1. GROUP-A has two sub groups GROUP-A1 and GROUP-A2

and members of GROUP-A should be listed in the client side as follows:


  • Group-A1

+member1 of A1

+member2 of A1

  • Group-A2

+member 1 of A2

+member2 of A2


Is it possible?


Yes, it’s possible. This is called - nesting. Well, this doesnt need any support form server. This is a client side feature, so it depends on what client are you going to use. All you have to do in server is to name groups correctly.

groupA1 display name would be groupA(divider_character)groupA1

Divider character depends on the client. Exodus has “/”, though you can change it to anything else. In Spark case it’s hardcoded (not wise) to " :: " (without quotes and with spaces). Spark nesting support has bugs and needs fixing.




Sub groups are not possible from the server side. Openfire does not provide a way to do this. Wroot phrased it better, I see. This is a client control function.


All I meant is there is no apparent admin control function in the admin server to set this up. At least not one that is obvious. I have been wrong before.