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Is it possible to login using alternate WildFire server?

If I have two domains : wf.domaina.com and wf.domainb.com,

and I create users: usera@domaina.com and userb@domainb.com.

Is it then possible in any way for ‘‘usera’’ to connect to wf.domainb.com and authenticate? Vice versa with userb and domaina?

I dont think it works but I would like some more info about this topic in case someone knows for sure.




If you use the same authentication system, you can.

For example

you have 2 wildfire server, one in US and one Europe.

wildfireUS.mycompany.com and wildfireEU.mycompany.com

They both use LDAP with AD authentication, then you can let usera@wildfireUS.mycompany.com to login into wildfireEU.mycompany.com.