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Is it possible to search for additional attributes

I would like to extend jabber to a business directory where employees can search for others by skills. Do you think this is possible using ldap and customice the client?

Hmm, I think thats more a server dependant thing.

You could have a service on the server that supports jabber:iq:search and is connected to a database or LDAP.

The client would just need to support jabber:iq:search to retrieve the search form and get search results.

I’‘m sure it’‘s possable (if not already implemented) to have a Jabber User Directory service that is hooked to LDAP. I known Jive’‘s Messenger Server can use LDAP but I don’'t know if it has a public search service yet.

Have a look at JEP 55 for info about search http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0055.html

HTH Pheet

Yep, Ryan Graham’‘s Search plugin already has support for doing searching through LDAP. Although it’'s not documented yet, you can specify a custom list of LDAP fields to allow searching for. It would look like the following in jive-messenger.xml:

… (other props here)

Username/uid, Email,mail

The format is comma-delimitted pairs of values. The values are /[attribute] where name is the value that should be presented to the user during searching and attribute is the attribute in LDAP actually being searched on.

If you don’‘t specify a searchFields value, the default fields to search on are username, name, and email (as you’'ve configured them).



Hi Matt,

I had tried your suggestion and it is able to display the additional fields in

the search plugin. However, it is not able to search on the fields. It seems

that it is not able to retrieve the values from the fields.

Are there any additional configure in the xml to be added?

Thank you very much.