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Is it possible to send private msg to people not on buddy list?

Get the JID somewhere and send message to someone, without having to have permit of the message target, which means allow spam?


It’'s of course possible to send messages to everyone.

Openfire supports privacy lists, so one can protect oneself from spam.


Hi LG,

Thanks for your reply, it’'s sort of helpful.

What I was trying to do is: to build an internal system so that by default everyone in the system should be able to accept message without having to put the sender in an allow list.

I looked into the buddy list and found it says if the default list is null, message shouldn’‘t be blocked. However, when I try to send a msg to someone, the system doesn’'t forward it. So I wonder this is a server configuration issue.

The following is msg I sent to a public chat room, and the server forward it to both attendants:

Really appreciate if you can give some hints!

After send a

after login, I got all history msg sent to this JID.

It seems by default the server doesn’'t treat the client as “available” an do corresponding actions.


I wonder why the last message should not be delivered. Did “bob” set a negative priority (e.g Do Not Disturb)?

Can you send a message to “bob” when he’'s on your roster?

Do you see a routing error in the log files?


No. There is nothing for individual were set, other than id and password.

The reason msg doesn’‘t deliver is, without sending an explicit “presence = available” to server after auth, the server wouldn’'t treat the user as “available” …

This behavior cause lots of trouble in various modules but as long as we send it after auth, we will be fine.

refer to my another thread here for more info:


I am using ver 3.3.2