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Is MINA 1 can be replaced by MINA 2 in openfire

We are running a OPenfire 3.7.1 and seems like there were many OOME in mina 1.x which openfire uses.

Can we go ahead and change the mina version to 2.x direclty in openfire source?


If you are successfully able to do that, please contribute it back upstream



I succeded in updating the Mina library to the version 2.0.7 and I sent a pull request in https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/pull/16.

There were some compatibility problems in two cases:

  1. There is no more the ExecutorThreadModel in the acceptor. Instead, we need to add an ExecutorFilter. It was sucessfully migrated.
  2. In the JMX there were some changes hard to cover, like the absent of IoSessionStat class and the mbean.startCollectingStats method. It needs a review.