Is my connection encrypted


I am using Smack API (3.1.0) to connect to OpenFire 3.6.4

When I have my security settings to be “Optional” on the Server meaning that the clients may use secured connections and I connect using the simple Smack API on port 5222, I see a lock on the Admin page for user sessions on the server.

Does this mean that all my traffic is encrypted between the source and the destination using some kind of TLS mechanism by default…?

I did notice that when I make TLS not available on the server then the lock disappears, all other combination seems to indicate that the connection is secure …?

Can someone confirm this…?



Yes, the lock icon should indicate that your connection is encrypted.

One additional question, sorry for submitting this in bits and pieces,

Is this 2 way TLS or just TLS from the server to client…?

I think it’s both ways (wouldn’t be logical to do it one way only), but i’m not 100% sure. When i was testing, i think i was sniffing only outgoing messages with Wireshark. You can do the same and check incoming messages too, though i’m pretty sure they will be encrypted too.