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Is Openfire a SIP server? or could it be?


at first I’d like to apology for my newbie question, but I have realy poor background in this technology and I have to build sophisticated (at least not standard ) environment.

I’ve read a lot about integrating Openfire Server and SIP servers like Asterix, account mappings and so on. But do i really need additional SIP server? Is there any plugin for Openfire that turns my Openfire server into SIP server?

I’d like to connect my IP Phone (hardware), Telepresence appliances and, in the future maybe PSTN, to my existing Openfire server. I’m using Jitsi clients and Openfire Meetings for audio and video connections.

How could I integrate those two worlds to communicate together?

I’ve installed some Rayo plugin and SIP Phone plugin, but I dont really know how they should work to satisfy my needs. What do I need? Where should I start to let my Openfire Users ability to call others to their IP Phones and Telepresence devices?

Thank you for any clues.

Openfire is only an XMPP server. It is not a SIP server, so you will still need one. Asterisk-IM plugin was only to integrate the “On Phone” status into Spark. SIP Phone Plugin is meant to convert Spark into a software SIP phone client, it won’t work with your hardware phones and Openfire still needs to connect to real SIP server to be able to configure SIP accounts for Spark. That’s what i get from the information that is out where. I have no real experience with SIP/Asterisk, so can’t provide any help on that.

wroot is correct. the asterisk-im provides presence info to spark. The sip phone plugin configures sip settings to sparks softphone. You still need a separate asterisk or sip server.

Sorry for late answer, but you know, Christmas, Santa…

Anyway, thank you very much for your answer. This was really necessary for me - now I know how to plan my next steps. It’s always hard to do those first one. Now I hope it’d be easier