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Is OTR an additional layer on top of SSL or seperate?

I have set the server to require encryption.

But despite this, sometimes when I am chatting to someone the OTR icon is in the off position.

Does this mean OTR is off, but SSL is still on?

Is OTR an additional layer of security ontop of SSL?

Or does it mean when OTR is off that SSL is also off?

Thank you.

ssl is encrypting the connection to to the server, like ssl to website work. OTR is encrption between peers or clients, So lets say you are running the monitoring plugin in openfire. Even with ssl, youre able to see converstations (since the server is the endpoint and traffic passes through it). If you turn on OTR at the client, you’ll still record the converstation, but you’ll only see encrypted gibberish…because the encryption is client to client.