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Is persist_items supported in OpenFire for pubsub?

It does not appear to be working, is it supposed to.

Also, am I the only one attempting to use pubsub, since noone seems to respond to any of the questions that I have asked. I am finding documentation and support for this fairly major feature of XMPP is quite lacking.

I have found the problem, and fixed it within OpenFire. It appears that the create node request with configuration was ignoring the configuration. It tried to retrieve the configuration element as a child of the wrong element. I have a fix that I will submit when I get a couple of other things working.

I also found another error after fixing this one which prevented more than 1 item to be kept in the node, or persisted when the max_node_items was not set (i.e. -1). I have fixed this also and can now persist and retract items.

So is this in the current code base or is something that you have fixed locally for yourself. I am also in need of persisted pubsub items and find the documentation a bit lacking in this area.

I only have it locally right now. I logged the defect but noone has gotten back to me, so I guess I will have to track down who to contact about how to submit a patch.

I have been too busy writing pubsub extensions for Smack to follow up, but I will try to get something out this week.

Oh, even though I created a patch for the actual problem, it should still work for you if you set the max_items value of the configuration. If it is not set, there is a problem, but it should persist if it is set.