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Is red5 aware of SRV records?


I’m trying to use red5 plugin. I couldn’t make it work yet The call feature, I haven’t tried yet. But, “Open Audio/Video Roster”, “View Audio/Video Messages” “Send Video message” doesn’t work.

In Linux, not even a window opens. In Windows, a window opens, but can’t connect to the site. I think that’s because Server Name in the openfire is “our.domain” but the host name is “xmpp.our.domain”.

Is there any plan to get the host name for the roster links from the SRV record, and use the “our.domain” as a last resort?

Or is there a way to configure it?

thanks for any help,



I have the same problem.

I found this document http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1480 , but it is over a year old.

I can not test right now, but, I’m going to try putting a Red5.properties file in the plug in directory.

If you have already solved the problem can you tell me what the solution is?



I put the properties file in the plugin folder of spark but no joy.


Red5 plugin is NOT aware of SRV records

Hi Dele,

Thanks for the repsonse to my question. Is there a hack I can try or a forecast for DNS SRV record support?

I don’t have the option of making the Jabber Domain the same as the server name thus eliminating the need for DNS SRV records.

I was thinking that if I set the server manully in Spark that it would work, but, no luck there either.



No, my problem hasn’t been solved yet.

The only solution seems to be pointing our.domain to the jabber server xmpp.our.domain, which is both impossible for us since it’s already pointed to our web server, and pointless. If I were to point our.domain to a server, the jabber server would probably be the last one, after web, email or dns servers. And for example, afaik, windows dns servers always point our.domain to themselves, no matter if you change it or not.

Actually, SRV record is there just to solve this problem. I guess we need to wait red5 plugin and/or spark and/or openfire server support for SRV records :confused:

We too have this issue. We implemented SRV records & were excited to see that all worked perfectly until we got to sparkweb. I’m guessing that the issue might actually have something to do with not being able to set the xmpp server to server domain seperately from the xmpp.domain, course I’m not an expert in the jabber service so that may be the dumbest idea ever. Everything in SRV records worked perfectly before we changed xmpp.domain except the server to server piece.

SRV record support in sparkweb is one of about 5 features that I wish to see implemented before I’d say openfire is fully comparable to a paid product such as Windows communicator, the other 4 being:

  1. More advanced ACLs (group ACLs would be ideal, especially support for having certain ACLs apply to internal only or external)

  2. Support for nested groups when using LDAP

  3. Much more customizable policies regarding Avatars

  4. Video chat & VNC screensharing support in spark. (sorry but Red5 is severely lacking)

Also, would love to see NEC phone integration (ok, this one isn’t really fair but man would I love to see this feature.)