Is spark open source? or will be?


is spark open source? or will be ? If I like to develop jabber client similar to Spark, any advise for me? Thanks!

If spark is open source, it would be nice.



Hi Dave,

Yes, it is. You can checkout the source from svn. More info is available here:

Hope that helps,


Great! Is it under GPL license?

Does that means we can modify it, put our own name, and distribute it without any limitation? I have not fully understood GPL.



It’s actually available under the LGPL. I would suggest you look at its website where they have a very extensive FAQ which should answer all your questions.



Hi Ryan,

I looked at the website, it is quite complicated. I still have some questions.

  1. can we modify Spark ( including code, visible user-interface, logo and name), and then put on internet website for public download?

  2. if yes, are we required to release modified source code with the binary download?

  3. Are Spark and Smack covered under the same licence LGPL?

Thanks for help.