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Is there a client library binary available?

Any chance you would consider including the binary for the client library? Although I am not a JAVA coder I sometimes pretend to be one and would like to try to add this support to a Jabber JAVA client. I am having trouble building from your source.

We plan on officially releasing the client in binary form tomorrow. You can used the attached jar in the mean time.

What error are you getting when you try building the client jar?

Note that the client api also requires java 1.5.
asterisk-im-client.jar (26316 Bytes)

Just noticed the JAVA 1.5 requirement… I need to update! Thanks

Let me first reemphasize that I have very little experience with JAVA but do have 25 years of programming experience so I can usually feel my way around on other languages successfully.

I do not have the same build environment you have, it looks like you are using IntelliJ. I am trying to compile in Net Beans or would be happy to do so from the command line with the JDK/ant.

Some errors are resolving imports. For example in phoneexception.java - import org.jivesoftware.smack.XMPPException - the smack library jar files are in the class path (I think) - most other imports are ok.

Another problem is with the public static enum EventStatus in PhoneEvent.java.

These problems are due to my lack of experience so I don’'t want to waste your time…

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Things should be happy if you use the ant build.xml. If this breaks definitely let me know.

Also, if you are eventually able get things working with netbeans. I am more than willing to add the netbeans project files to the repository too.

the update to 1.5 fixed all issues… thanks. Building with ant and with netbeans.