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Is there a generic "empty DB cache" plugin?

I found the user service plugin:


But I can’'t find a vCard or roster equivalent.

In an ideal world though, I would use neither. I think what would be a really useful plugin would be an “empty DB cache plugin”. At the moment, updating users, rosters and vCards through Perl has been trivial, but I have to restart wildfire for changes to take effect for my clients’’ cached requests.

How easy would it be to write a plugin that (say) when it calls:


would empty the DB cache without having to restart the server.

Can anyone point me in the right direction (as a non Java person) so i can proceed with this?

Or has anyone already written such a plugin already?


my bad for posting on a holiday weekend : )

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On deeper examination of similar questions in this forum, I think I can frame what I want to do a little clearer. Here’'s a little background info.

  • our product is written in Perl

  • we are running wildfire with the MySQL backend

  • we want to use Perl to manipulate user information - users, vcards, rosters etc

(already written)

  • we want a clean MVC setup so that we can release these modules to CPAN

(currently, there’'s zero Perl modules for Openfire on CPAN : )

  • we need to trigger the changes to reload the relevant class(es) in wildfire

I’‘m hoping that there’‘s a simple solution to this. Perl is my forté, and I’'d rather spend my time working on the Perl end than on the Java end if possible, so any input here would be appreciated.

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one could write such a plugin for Openfire but I wonder if someone will do this.

Ad-hoc commands should be a much better alternative to manage users and rosters, accessing the database directly is not a good idea.


I don’'t suppose you could expand on the rather cryptic “Ad-hoc commands”.

Is this some weird Java term that I’'ll understand after being taught the secret handshake?