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Is there a Ipad edition in the works?

My company just installed this software in order for us to have an internal chat system. I was wondering if there is an Ipad edition in the works or something I could use currently on my Ipad to be able to chat with my co-workers while Im out of the office.


It should work with any of the many iPad XMPP/Jabber applications in the store

That said, jabber client won’t just work outside the office without proper network/dns/firewall/router/etc. configuration

I have users who have successfully connected to our openfire server with their ipads using the Meebo client. Whether your system is available on the public internet is a question for your own IT department.

for Android an amazing app is Xabber. its free and works quite well. not sure if they have an iOS version… but they may… the program logic would be very similar so i’m sure it could be ported easily if they haven’t already.