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Is there a spark automatic status change

Hello. Every one at my company loves Spark. However every one forgets to change their status when back from lunch. As a result the next morrning I have every one at lunch. Is there a way to detect keyboard activity or somthing to say Online or AFK?


Steven Davis


If you manually set a status message, Spark will not automatically change it to some other status. There is no options for automatic status changes based on scenarios.

As a workaround would be - closing Spark at the end of the day. So, nect time it is started, it will show Online status.

Good afternoon.
I noticed when you set a custom status even left selected, closing the spark is bringing online by default. It is possible to set the spark to show that the last chosen when you close and re-open status? Show the last status when it closed the spark.


If i understood you right, you want for Spark to save the last status after you logout/exit Spark and start/login again. There is a feature request for this filed a while ago. But nobody has provided a patch for this. SPARK-981


Let’s wait for improvement.

Thanks for answering.