Is there a spark ".deb" installer for x86 sistems?


I’m thinking about start to use spark in some of the computers of the company I work, and I want to ask if is there some way I could install spark via a deb pack on Debian Jessie x86? I know I could install via tar.gz pack, but since there is a lot of computers, I need to be fast with the process, and a “dpkg -i spark” would be much more easy in my case.

I’ve already tried convert the rpm package from the site with alien, but the package is x64 based.


Currently our build systems is not producing deb installers (although there is a build task for that). I have tried to look into it in the past, but haven’t figured out why. If at some point it will be fixed, then for sure deb installers will be on the Downloads page.

Well this is odd,. I think is better wait for a stable version then.