Is there a way to change Admin console username through config files


Its weird but i made a unintended mistake in admin console.

my openfire works fine, installed fine.

I had one admin to log in into the admin console.

I wanted to add more admins onto the console. So in the Web Interface, under server settings, i just added two other names in the admin tab and saved it.

As i logged out and tried to log in again, it does not allow me to log in.

I am sure, it wont allow different usernames in the admin username tab seprated by a space.

My admin.jd was : user1@ip_address

I changed to : user1@ip_address user2@ip_address user3@ip_address

Can anyone tell if they know where to change the admin names or make changes to it through command line interface.

I am using a Ubuntu version and also in openfire.xml file, the last lines are admin users, which are different from admin console username which i don’t know where to find.

Any help or any more questions on my questions, Please .

Thank you.


look for the admin.authorizedJIDs value in the OFPROPERTY table of Openfire. There you can configure the JIDs. After the change you may need to wait very long or bounce the server to get the new values read by Openfire.


Hi LG,

Thankyou for your quick response.

The OFPROPERTY did contain the JIDs

But to my surprise, the change i made on Webinterface is not seen in the JIDs on openfire.scrip.

Instead its only user1@ip_address

I also restarted it to see those two other users to delete them.

But i don’t see them.

I remember saving them and loggin off.

Does it take time to show up on openfire.script.

If i go back to openfire.xml and reset the setup to false and start admin console.

Do i have to again setup the database and LDAP and the groups?

That will be a big problem.

If it does not show the changes i made on JID’s in openfire.script, i think it should log me in with the user1 i created at admin console as it shows.

Thanks for your prompt reply

I strange thing happened,

I don’t know if that is usual.

I could actually see the usernames after a quick stop and start of openfire in openfire.script.

But when i delete those names and save the file with just one user1@ip_address.

I do a same quick stop and start.

It does not log me in, and to my surprise, i see the same old users whom i set on admin console: user1, user2 user3 on OFPROPERTY.

I saved the file and restarted.

is there anything else i need to do. Is it automatically changed.

Is the only way to change is through webinterface. ??/

Hi Azorro,

with the embedded db you should stop Openfire first.

Then look in the openfire.log file - if you find there one or more admin.authorizedJIDs entries then change the last one.

Openfire will first read openfire.script and then openfire.log - everything will be merged in a new openfire.script.


I was just about to type it LG.

Thank you for all your help

It was just a simple fix as i predicted. I lack common sense predominantly seen through my conversations.

I just had to stop the oepnfire, delete the users in the openfire.script and then start it again.

Thanks for your response.