Is there a way to interrupt conversations after a time limit?

Hi all,

I am trying to set openfire with FastPath. My need is to set a time limit so conversations get disconnected after 15 minutes. Is there already a way to configure this or does something know how to implement it ?



I’m not aware about such setting in the current Fastpath Service plugin, so I think there is no way to configure this. I think you will have to code that functionality.


Finally I got it working by writing a plugin which registers a listener that implmenets a MUCEventListener and on the roomCreated event schedules a task with a delay of 15 mn that destroys the room.

Is there some precautions to take when doing this ?


Not a developer myself, so i dont now about the possible precautions. maybe there should be some garbage\caches cleaning operation after destroying. Though, if you are using Openfire APIs, maybe this will be done automatically. Anyway. If you will to contribute to the community, you can post your plugin in the Plugins and Libraries > Community Plugins forums. Preferable as a Document with some description, instructions, precautions and plugin can be attached.