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Is there a way to NOT save the chat history for a contact?

Hi all-

A few of my users have said they do not want to see the history when the message someone again.

How can I turn the history off?

I’'m using Wildfire 2.4.0 with the embedded DB & Spark 1.0.2

I looked in the settings & prefs but didn’'t see anything.



Hi Joe,

Sorry for the late reply (Holidays). At this time, there is no way to turn off chat history within spark, however, I’'m always looking for improvements.



I’'d also appreciate a way to disable the chat-history.

Some employees are already complaining about this issue and i’‘ve to admit, they’'re right.

Same goes for the presence history. Is there a way to hide/disable that? I’'m not sure whether this comes from Spark or from the Server due to XML.

But currently i am happy that it’'s now possible to disable spell-checking.

Thanks Derek[/b]! I’'ll add this to the ‘‘Feature Request’’ thread

It would be nice to right-click and open chat history in a new window only.

Hi Legato,

How come users do not like chat history? It only displays the last 20 lines of your previous conversation to give someone previous context?



Good morning Ddman,

At least for my users here at Inland Eye Clinic, we discuss patients or patient care and some confidential topics over Spark at times. The users that do not want the chat history are the ones that don’'t want prying eyes to see the last lines of their confidential discussion when they open up a chat window.


That’‘s a very good reason. I’'ll add this as a preference to the 1.1 release.



I would also agree that this is an important feature so thanks for considering it.

I hacked this under Spark 1.0.3 by making the transcripts folder unwritable. The history is shown until the Spark client is shutdown. When restarted, the history is blank. I’'ve seen no ill effects using this technique.

If anyone wants specific steps needed to make the folder unwritable, just let me know.

Obviously, I preference setting would be, umm, preferable. How do people feel about a global setting that could be overridden on a contact-by-contact basis?

BTW, I’'m very excited about Spark and Wildfire and have had a lot of fun the past few days getting to know them. Kudos to the team!


– Evan

I don’‘t know how many people will like this, but I’‘d love it if the history keeping option defaulted to off. Even better if i could disable it completely, though i know that’‘d require a special build… source anyone? Or a command line option to the installer that i could puit a wrapper around? I know there’'s a lot to this, but my company is pretty serious about not keeping chat histories for

I like the way exodus does it w/o logging on: It’‘ll show you a history (from memory) until the client closes, then it’'s gone.



Hey All,

This is scheduled to be a preference in the 1.1 release. You can track the issue with SPARK-131.