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Is there an webmessenger for jive messenger?

my jive messenger server is running ok, and i’‘m looking for an web client for jive_messenger. i know that there is the jwchat with punjab conbination, but i wasn’'t able to install it and configure. there is any other? or someone did that combination and wanna help me…

There is a new commerical production from Jive, that is for chat rooms, it also supports private im. It is current in beta test and can be downloaded from this site (somewhere). The weekly developer chat http://www.jivesoftware.org/group-chat.jsp link gives an idea of what its like.

For a more specific IM web client check out JWChat, it works with Jive Messenger, I believe there are a few threads on this forum about how to set it up.

Apart from that have a look at www.jabber.org for the lowdown on clients and servers.


i’‘ve looked for jwchat in all the threads and no one is talking about how to install and configure it. so i’'ll post a thread asking that. thanks.

Hey Rodrigo,

Last time I installed (and used JWChat) I had to fix a small issue in the code. So let me know if you need that patch (you can check in the logs if you are having an error).


– Gato

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