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Is there any admin guide papers


I´m trying to get OpenFire running with MySQL and auth against an Win2K AD.

Now, I did install it and seems fine but as far as I can see there are several “problems”(most likely layer 8).

I’'ve been looking all over the Ignite site and I cannot find a guide.

Lots of posts talked about a search filter and some other things and is very difficult to follow since I´m not familiar with the technology, OpenFire is an implementation of Jabber so is that the way I should be heading to get the basics?, or is it OpenFire a free Jabber implementation at all levels?


There’'s a lot of guides on this page

The documentation you linked to is great for setting the server up with the basic settings. However I can’'t find any documentation on actually administering the server. AKA adding users, setting up server to server connectings, what the different options in the GUI actually do?

I’'m I completely blind or is there no documentation for this sort of thing?

I take it the answer to the question is there isn’'t any??