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Is there any interest with using a NoSQL database such as MongoDB as a session and data store?

I work for a company that generates over 10k concurrent connections and it’s very important to have real time statistics avaiable at a moments notice for our 3rd party systems. Is there any interest in the Openfire community towards a plugin that allows real time information to be stored within a distributed (off server) queryable caching system?

This would be outside of the existing clustering plugins as this would allow DBA’s to efficiently data mine information for reports, etc.

does it need to be noSQL? I think that scares some people since most aren’t familiar with it as much so as SQL (such as mysql, mariaBD, Oracle, etc).

We have moved OF to MongoDB but have not quite finished testing. The objective was to build a geo-redundant global cluster coupled with our geo-redundant global SIP server. We plan on publishing results, but you can contact me via PM if you would like to know more now.

We are very much interested in having OF use MongoDB as the database for everything like what Martin has done. We already developed a hybrid authenticator that uses our usernames/passwords stored in MongoDB but this of course becomes a sync nightmare as we grow.