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Is there any way to push custom status'' to your users?

I work for a company that is looking for an instant messaging solution, and jive/openfire seems to be our answer. I was wondering if there was a way to make common custom status messages and enforce them onto our users so I/They don’'t have to create them.

What I would really like to do is add:


-do not disturb

-gone for the day

-out sick


-working from home


-away from desk



to each user’'s status choices. I know I could go from username to username adding the status messages, but before I take the time to do that that to each of our 80 employee accounts I would really like to know if there was a way to push the custom status down to each user from the server.

Custom status messages are stored on the client.

So, if you’'re using Spark you could create a logon script (or MSI package/whatever) to modify the C:\Documents and Settings\

Hey, thanks alot. I will use this as a temporary solution for now, but I would really like to have these options in the main menu.

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I think this would make a really nice (and simple) enterprise openfire feature along with all the other cool things like pushed out bookmarks and user groups, etc.

^Agreed, and this is exactly why I want it. XD I know a bit of java, but the biggest problem is that I don’'t know where to start.