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Is there good documentation for Email Listener?

I have enabled the Email Listener plugin on my OpenFire server. Using OpenFire 3.9.1 and Email Listener 1.1.0. I have server settings testing as good to an IMAP email account on port 143. This seems like it should be straight-forward, but when sending an email to the account, it either never picks up or never broadcasts to my user. I am using mike@sun for the JID, which I believe to be accurate. Any help on this?

My guess is that’s not your full JID.

Login to your OF server and look at the “Server Name:” field, and see if that matches what you think your JID is. IIRC, that will be the default JID for your users. Also, when you first installed the Email Listener plugin it should have auto-populated the default admin user in the “JID of users to notify” box… was it admin@sun or something else? Other than having a misconfiguration and/or an email server that is using different settings than you think (ie. not port 143 or something) A JID of @sun seems suspect.

Jason, thanks for the suggestions. Confirmed, my server is Sun. That’s the Windows Hostname, so that’s what I used for OF. I don’t remember there being a default alert ID in the settings. I just tried deleting the plugin and re-adding, but the previous settings didn’t clear. Just now deleted the plugin, deleted all the parameters for the plugin in System Settings, and added the plugin again. The default users are the administrators - admin@sun and mike@sun. I’d include a picture, but the forum doesn’t let me. Maybe I’m too new here. Any more thoughts are greatly appreciated.