Is there some documentation?


I’d like to write a component for OpenFire (to retrieve additional information on a user) and apparently, Tinder could be used for that but… The documentation is so poor… The only thing I could find is this: and it almost explain nothing… How can I create a project with Tinder ? How to developp the component? How to deploy it? I can’t believe that no tutorial/documentation exists on that matter…


You’d probably be better of looking at a slightly larger picture than just Tinder. Tinder is a lightweight library, that in itself does not provide everything you’d need. I suggest you instead look at the more generic Openfire development guides, which you can find here: You probably want to focus on the guides related to plugin development.

Additionally, the Whack project can be of interest to you. Whack is used to create external components (components that run outside of the Openfire JVM). Whack is sparsely documented, but is easy to use. You can find more information on its detail page here:


Thanks for your answer. As I see that there are a lot of tools I can use, I will explain here what I want to achieve for you to advice me on the component to use.

I have an open fire server to which I connect through asmack. It works quite well. The issue is that I need to store information about users, like location and I can’t use vcards as at some point of time I’ll need to execute Sql query to retrieve users between some location.

So what I have now is a custom table in mysql with a foreign key on the username field of ofusers table. I’d like to be able to get all users between a location via asmack. So basically, send a request through my XMPP connection, intercept that specific request, execute the sql query and send the result to asmack.

What would be the best approach for that ?


I would suggest that you write a simple Openfire plugin that is an IQHandler (refer to the documentation for more information. Then, modify your client to send specific IQ requests when the data from the server is needed. The IQHandler should be configured to capture those IQ requests, and respond to them (including the database data you wish to transfer).


I’ll do that and I’ll come back here to post your answer as correct if it it fits my need :-p

Thanks for your answer

Well well, I just created an IQHandler and I can see that I receive my request and can answer to it :smiley:

I’m quite happy as the document on that matter is outdated and not good (Eclipse 3.3, jdk5, seriously ?)

Thanks a lot for your help.