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Is there SSO support in Spark 2.5.0?


Is there SSO support in Spark 2.5.0?

In thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/click.jspa?searchID=-1&messageID=142774 is said SSO would be supported in 2.5 release.



Hi Andrey,

I can’'t find it in 2.5.0 but that means nothing. It could also be an Easter Egg or you need to wait for Spark 2.5.1.


I hope it is there, I’‘ll be really peeved if it was dropped at the last minute. It doesn’'t look good though, no mention at all even though it was still in the plan even last week.

I hope I’'m wrong.


come on guys, please put us out of our misery. Where is the Single Sign On promised in 2.5?

sorry to keep banging on.


Anyone figured out how to turn this feature on? Derek promised multiple times it would be here so I’‘m sure its here… I just can’'t seem to find it!

tdickson, in case you didnt see that thread


Looks like I just missed it in the time stamp

not a problem derek! It’'s a great product with LEAPS and BOUNDS in features with every release.

It’‘s been a great ride so far and I can’'t wait for the release where SSO appears.

thanks wroot for the link.