Is this a bug?

So myself and another are in the process of rebuilding a community site and decided to add jabber to the mix. Wildfire and spark work perfectly and we have had near to no issues except for the fact that a lot of users connect from work, and as any company with a good security policy, many users are unable to connect to the service due to restrictions in place.

The best way around this is web based chat facility, but that’'s coming. For the moment I am hoping that most users are able to browse out without being forced through a proxy and simply just connect on tcp port 80. So I set iptables to port redirect connections to a virtual interface to 5222 on localhost.

At first I thought I was doing something wrong, but after testing with PSI, I realised that it was a Spark “problem”.

Tcpdump shows that when spark recieves a response from the server, it then doesn’'t respond where PSI and other jabber clients do.

Has anyone else run into problems like this?

Is this in fact a bug?